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From protecting our clients’ health with worldwide coverage to helping them achieve a successful financial future, PA Group creates financial security road maps for life’s most significant events. For over 18 years PA Group has guided and protected our international clients with comprehensive health and wealth accumulation solutions.Learn More

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Premier Trust is an international trust structure designed to help clients accumulate wealth in a secure and confidential manner. If your goal is to reach financial independence, then Premier Trust has the tools to help you get there.Learn More

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Premier Health is a best in its class International Health plan exclusively developed to provide comprehensive protection worldwide. This high-end plan is tailored to Non-US residents in need of international coverage including the United States. With Premier Health you can enjoy exceptional worldwide benefits with world class services.Learn More

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No matter where you are or where you go, our Expat Health coverage allows you the freedom and flexibility to focus on the things that matter to you the most. Selecting a WEA Healthcare plan is insuring healthy, secure, long lasting future for you and your loved ones.Learn More

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When technology and exceptional service come together, amazing things happen. Our business tools and services are designed to enable our clients to achieve their business strategic objectives without having to make a significant investment.Learn More

Solutions For Life’s Most Significant Events:

Our mission is to provide comprehensive solutions for Life’s most important events. We focus on our clients not the products. Whether you are relocating abroad for a new job or that “dream come true” retirement plan, we are with you providing comprehensive medical coverage through our WEA and Premier Health Solutions. Planning for retirement, college funding, or just reaching financial independence? Our Premier Trust products offer easy simplified and safe solutions to your investment needs. Worried about the future? Protect and guarantee your income for you and your loved ones with our Premier Disability solutions. For Life’s most significant event, we are with you.

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Luis is a professional with over 14 years of experience in Information Technology. Prior to joining PA Group, Luis held the position as IT Manager which leaded the Support team for Pan-American Life Insurance Group for 6 years and, previously, he held the position of Sr. Systems Administrator for Bupa Latin America and Amedex Insurance Company since 2002.

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Lloyd’s is the world’s specialist insurance and reinsurance market, bringing together an outstanding concentration of underwriting expertise and talent. It is often the first to insure emerging, unusual and complex risks.

Around 80 syndicates are underwriting insurance at Lloyd’s, covering all classes of business. Together they interact with thousands of brokers daily to create insurance solutions for businesses in over 200 countries and territories around the world. Lloyd’s insures the majority of FTSE 100 and Dow Jones industrial average companies.

Lloyd’s enjoys strong financial security supported by excellent ratings. Visit for more information.