Having recently received regulatory approval from the Labuan Financial Services Authority, PA Group’s expansion in Asia has also seen the appointment of new business development head Edward Pantani to market its Premier Trust investment solutions in the region.

“We began operating in Asia two years ago and have witnessed steady growth, primarily within the expat community” shared Jorge E. Falcón, Executive Vice President of PA Group. In a recent interview with International Adviser, Falcón explained the company’s decision to establish operations in Malaysia. “With vast possibilities for growth, cultural acceptance of our products combined with political stability, Malaysia has all the right ingredients for a winning formula for our company.”

PA Group’s regional operations will be based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital. Edward Pantani, has been appointed by PA Group to lead this effort as Vice President of Business Development for the region. “Pantani brings over 25 years of industry experience, as well as in-depth knowledge in the broker and institutional markets in Asia. His expertise will add great value to achieve PA Group’s growth objectives.”

PA Group will launch the complete suite of Premier Trust investment products currently offered in Latin America and the Middle East in Asia. “However, as we widen our distribution base, we will work with our partners and listen to their feedback. Our approach is uniquely collaborative: we will aim to accommodate any viable business opportunities identified by our advisers and have a strong track record of designing products in line with their needs” highlighted Falcón.

“For PA Group, success can be summed up in one word: relationships. We run our business to deliver value to our advisers, and our clients equally. We do not see growth in simple monetary terms.” Falcón emphasized, “Success in the region will be defined by the number of strong, enduring relationships we build.”


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