As part of it’s Advancing Excellence in Customer Service initiative, PA Group announced on Monday, June 27th its new partnership with TrulyData, a full-service software development company. TrulyData is the first of its kind in the creation of groundbreaking technological solutions for international healthcare companies.

In the last 10 years, TrulyData’s leadership team has established themselves as the experts in the development of operating systems and applications integration for major international health insurance companies, having its origin as the group of experts that developed Bupa’s Amigos+, the platform used by Bupa medical insurance for their clients in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“During the past year, PA Group has been working continuously to improve processes and offer clients a market leading experience. A cornerstone of this goal is technology. We identified in TrulyData the best ally to help PA Group achieve this objective,” said Charles Jorge, President of PA Group.

TrulyData will work on integrating PA Group’s current systems and business applications with its pioneering platforms, automating manual processes and expediting those already automated. The implementation of the new system is planned to start in September, and, according to TrulyData’s President, Jesus M. Delgado, the complete rollout should take approximately six months. As part of this process, all existing data from PA Group’s current systems will migrate to the new platform. However, there will be a period of co-existence with the old system, ensuring a smooth transition.

“TrulyData solutions are designed to be intuitive. We are certain that they’ll not only deliver a positive user experience, but increase the companies’ overall productivity,” commented Jesus M. Delgado.

PA Group is focused on offering its clients first class service throughout all client points of contact, from initial application submission to delivering unwavering support for all our clients’ needs. TrulyData’s system is highly flexible and market tested, its scalability will help PA Group’s rapid growth to continue without compromising future capacity or administration standards of excellence.

“We are sure that our partnership with TrulyData will take our business to the next level,” concluded Charles Jorge.


About PA Group

For over 18 years, PA Group has guided and protected international clients with a wide range of health and wealth accumulation solutions. In 2006, PA Group established its Accident & Health division with the acquisition of Worldwide Expatriate Association (WEA), a solid insurance provider of healthcare solutions to expatriates since 1965. Subsequently in 2014, the company launched its most innovative healthcare solution, Premier Health, in addition to gaining the distinction of becoming a Lloyd’s of London Coverholder.

Through our uniquely tailored international healthcare products, the Accident and Health division of PA Group now offers global citizens in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and the Middle East comprehensive international health insurance and disability protection. For life’s most significant events, we are with you.

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