Global insurance company, PA Group (Premier Assurance Group) is set to expand its footprint in the Caribbean region by launching two new international healthcare products in Jamaica: CaribCare and CaribCare Plus. According to PA Group, these plans will provide Jamaicans with “Worldwide protection that gives peace of mind”. Under these plans, Jamaicans will join the ranks of global citizens who are able to access comprehensive international health insurance.

The new FSC approved products, which have been customized for the Caribbean marketplace, is backed by PA Group’s decade rich health and wealth accumulation solutions and will provide healthcare coverage for inpatient and outpatient services locally and internationally.

According to Charles Jorge, President of PA Group, the expansion in the Caribbean is a timely and well-needed move. “To say we are pleased to be launching these two new products in Jamaica is indeed an understatement, as our aim is to provide a higher standard of health care for all Jamaicans. Certainly these plans have been customized to suit the Caribbean realities and fill the gaps in critical areas such as having all the important benefits in a single package without having to purchase additional riders.” mentioned Charles.

“What we have therefore created is a comprehensive policy which provides inpatient and outpatient coverage for things such as HIV/AIDS, mental health treatment, dialysis, house calls by physicians, emergency ground ambulance, emergency medical evacuation, home health care services, acupuncture and homeopathic treatment and so much more” added Mr. Jorge.

Comprehensive Benefits

Boasting an array of benefits, which include access to the most prestigious network of providers internationally; CaribCare is a plan designed to meet each insured’s basic needs while protecting against unexpected medical costs including hospitalization, urgent care, and emergency medical services; oncology and dialysis coverage; as well as maternity and complications of pregnancy. CaribCare Plus is designed to offer a more comprehensive protection package with additional outpatient benefit options such as physician visits, prescription medication, rehabilitation, and diagnostic testing.


PA Group is proud to count on the strong financial backing of Lloyd’s of London, a leader in the global insurance industry for over 325 years. In 2014, PA Group gained the distinction of becoming a Lloyd’s of London Cover holder granting PA Group the opportunity to offer two uniquely tailored plans, CaribCare and CaribCare Plus, to the Jamaican market. Whether protecting their insured’s lifestyle needs or financial well being, each member can count on these Lloyd’s solution products to keep them covered.


In addition to the extensive suite of benefits, the two plans offer affordable options for the Jamaican populace. At very competitive rates, Jamaicans will therefore be able to tap into health coverage anywhere around the globe, with access to medical facilities in over 200 countries through the most recognized provider networks available.

CaribCare and CaribCare Plus will be launched on Thursday, February 2, 2017 in Kingston, Jamaica and will be distributed by approved brokers.

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