Amid all kind of struggles, Venezuela is facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in their healthcare system. Many hospitals are having serious trouble providing appropriate attention to their patients, due to shortages in medicine and supplies. This situation is affecting people, especially children, from the most deprived sectors of the population.

One of the most remarkable examples is the Children’s Orthopedic Hospital. It has been dedicating efforts to improve the quality of treatment for disadvantaged children for more than 70 years.

The hospital has been founded and supported by the Venezuelan Foundation against Children’s Paralysis; a private, non-profit institution, dedicated to obtain resources to provide medical assistance.

Although founded to treat children afflicted with poliomyelitis, it has broadened their services to benefit patients of limited resources. The Children’s Orthopedic Hospital currently attends to children from birth to 16 years old, not only with disabilities but also another specialties.

Despite all the efforts, they have had trouble lately to find private funding in order to deliver medical treatment and surgical procedures to children with some sort of disability.

Help children with disabilities

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Venezuelans around the world stand for their fellow citizens

Since this situation is growing worse, many organizations have joined efforts with socially responsible companies that are motivated to help others in need. I Love Venezuela Foundation is one of them.

They work relentlessly to raise awareness and provide support to non-governmental organizations in Venezuela, to gather the resources they need. They also direct their initiatives towards ensuring the well-being, human development and social transformation in their country.

Among other different initiatives, they have also served the Foundation Amigos del Niño con Cancer (Friends of Children with Cancer). Their mission is helping them financing treatments and maintaining the shelter for children affected by this disease. Likewise, they have assisted FUNDANA, an organization that provides comprehensive care to infant population in a social risk situation.

With trust and transparent ethics, I Love Venezuela Foundation strives to influence social transformation and progress in Venezuela through volunteer service, humanitarian collaboration, compassion and foremost, love.

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