Worldwide Expatriate Insurance


For expatriates living or looking to move abroad it can be difficult and a confusing process making the right choice for health care coverage.

At WEA we understand this. We know how the world works, especially, when it comes to international healthcare.

Continuing a long legacy that began in 1965, WEA has today the pioneering spirit, a clear vision, and a commitment to meeting the needs of expatriates living abroad by providing quality international health insurance plans to individuals, families and groups with global healthcare needs. When it comes to protecting what matters most, you can count on us for your health and your family’s well being.

So whether you are moving to Tokyo to teach for two years, relocating to Rio to work on the 2016 Summer Olympics or flying with your family to your new job in Frankfurt, WEA has an international health plan that is right for you.

We provide comprehensive international health plans for many walks of life

  • Executives
  • Sales Staff
  • Foreign Service Workers
  • Retirees
  • Government Contractors
  • International Educators and Students
  • Key Local Nationals
  • Domestic Staff
  • Missionaries
  • Professional Athletes

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